Highlight deconstructs a vast landscape to interconnect the singularity in nature and the infinite reaches of the night sky. Experiencing these places at the loneliest time of the night we can feel the grim tones of rapid change in these landscapes. An elegant despair.

Ryland West, and Paul Heran. We are Northern California based photographers with a lust for capturing and sharing the natural wonders of the world in creative way. Although our individual work has taken us far and wide, we've decided to team up and shine a new light on photography as we know it.

With a determination to set our images apart, we crafted our own aerial lighting rig with a drone and a light panel, a unique method, used to manipulate perspective under the night sky. Carefully crafting shadows to weave around our landscapes we are bringing are pairing artificial surreality with the natural environment. After years of studying light we are pleased to bring you this gallery. Some of the worlds wonders blanketed by the night sky, in a way like never before.